“I express myself photographically”
Andre Kertesz

Specializing in architectural, landscape and
still life photography and videography while focusing
on the detail.

A result high in quality and aesthetics given through
high resolution pictures which
take photography and videography a step further.


I sought to learn musical composition therefore I played the piano, studied harmony and counterpoint


Wanted to take pictures using my father’s SLR since he was the one to teach me the basics in photography. My first inner battle between music and photography inevitably came into play.


Wanting to get a better understanding of my work, I graduated the AKTO Art & Design College with a BA Honors in Photography validated by Middlesex University.


I immediately wanted to make a start in photography so I worked as a freelance photographer in 2002. A few years later, videography became a passion as well


I prefer architectural, landscape and advertising themes. Wanting the best result for me and my clients.


Maybe you’d say I want too much, but that’s the way I want it!